We're here to help

AGAPE embraces people in need, people who often have nowhere else to turn. From addiction to broken families, mental illness to spiritual despair, neglect to abuse, our professional therapists, social workers, and support staff receive with open arms those who cry out.

AGAPE provides counseling, crisis support, adoption and foster care services, and pregnancy-maternity care. At AGAPE, we know love works because we see it in action each and every day.

How we serve

AGAPE, with ten counseling locations and a team of professional therapists and social workers, fulfills its mission through:

  • Providing faith-based counseling and psychological services to comfort, support, and guide people of all ages (AGAPE uses a sliding scale for those who need financial assistance.)
  • Supplying crisis foster care services for children whose parents face homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, mental health crises, or incarceration. AGAPE strives to reunite these families whenever possible, thereby preventing children from entering into state custody.
  • Connecting children to “forever families” for both newborns and older children in foster care who are unable to return to their birth parents.
  • Recruiting, training, and preparing Christian families to ensure a pool of committed and supportive foster homes.
  • Assisting churches in connecting those in crisis with programs and services.
  • Offering free maternity care counseling for those who may have an unplanned pregnancy so that they might determine the best future for their babies. Providing legal advocacy as necessary to serve the best interests of children.