“A Grand Experiment,” that’s what Howard Justiss wrote in 1969 referring to AGAPE. Just three years earlier, a small committee from Otter Creek Church of Christ, working with other churches of Christ in Middle Tennessee, launched this grand experiment “marshaling the talents within congregations.” Fifty years ago, the first AGAPE Dinner was conceived and began the legacy of AGAPE Annual Dinners of the future to raise funds to provide “homes for children without homes.”

If you have attended dinners in the past, we so hope you will join us again for the 50th Anniversary Dinner as we honor the memory and service of so many through the years as well as tell the poignant stories that their faithfulness provided.

If you have never been to an AGAPE dinner, please join us and consider being a part of the future of AGAPE and hear the inspiring stories of the past that will become the motivational stories of the future.

The 50th Anniversary Dinner will be an occasion of celebration! But how do you celebrate 50 years of Love? How do you mark 50 years of placing more than 3,000 children in Christian homes where they grow in love and learn to love? How do you commemorate a 50-year journey of an agency that leads by example showing the greatest gift of love, Christ Jesus; a journey of providing counseling services to more than 15,000 clients? How? Our staff and Anniversary Committee are working on that, and we believe it will be a night you will not want to miss if you love AGAPE!

In preparing for this night we are wading through thousands of pictures, every single AGAPE in Action ever produced, footage from other Anniversary Dinners of the past and pages and pages of Board Minutes, Committee notes and personal interviews. One thing is very clear about the grand experiment, as Mr. Justiss declared in 1969, “It has worked, and it is working.” Now fifty years later, we celebrate and honor 50 Years of Love!

Nov 14, 2017