For several decades, counseling services have been an important part of AGAPE’s mission to strengthen children and families of Middle Tennessee with the healing love of Christ.  Even today, as I work alongside the professional counselors and therapists of AGAPE, their commitment to providing excellent care for others is evident.

During the first quarter of this year, we have been blessed to serve 241 new clients who have accessed AGAPE counseling.  Overall, 1,465 clients were assisted over the course of 2,684 counseling sessions.  However, we believe that God can do more through us in our community.

How we are endeavoring to help:

• Reaching out to the Spanish-speaking community with grant-funded counseling services

• Assisting those experiencing financial hardship with grant-funded counseling services

• Supporting our foster and adoptive families with counseling and education

• Extending our services to additional communities through our affiliate office locations

• Training new counselors to provide Christian counseling for the future

Whether the concern is depression, anxiety, a relationship problem, or a difficult life situation, our counselors and therapists are eager to offer their professional support.  Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that counseling often costs more than what our clients can afford.  In fact, without the blessings of donor support, grant funding, and the dedication of our staff, it would be tough to serve the number of clients that request our assistance.

If you would like to learn more about AGAPE counseling services or the ways that you could help, please contact me at or 615-781-3000.

Nov 14, 2017