Hope’s approach to practicing therapy is holistic in nature because she understands the importance of treating a person’s body, mind, and spirit throughout her sessions. She carefully balances compassion with empowering her clients to make the changes they seek. Hope received a Master’s degree from Carson-Newman University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Mental Health Service Provider.

Hope’s scope of practice includes counseling for women, couples, adolescents, and children. She has experience providing counseling services for short or long-term relationship problems, pregnancy, post-partum depression, and parental adjustments. She also treats situational depression, chemical depression, panic, and anxiety and teaches the expectations of grief to those who are struggling with loss. Life-coping skills such as stress and time management, productive living, and planning strategies are often integrated into Hope’s sessions, as well.

In addition to providing clinical services Hope also teaches at retreats, conferences, workshops, and seminars. Her passion is addressing issues that may keep people from living a fulfilled and intentional life.

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